Solidarity Statements

Apoyamos esta acción colectiva de parte del Pueblo Griego.
Oscar Olivera Foronda

Coordinadora para la defensa del agua y de la vida

Amigos! Estamos muy orgullos de vuestro esfuerzo y compromiso, cuenten con nuestra  solidaridad a todos los trabajadores y organizaciones que luchan en Grecia. Les pedimos que suman el apoyo de los trabajadores de las empresas recuperadas de Argentina a la iniciativa.  Envio un gran abrazo a todos los trabajadores de Vio.Me.!
Ernesto "Lalo" Paret
Movimiento de Empresas Recuperadas de Argentina 
I would like to send my congratulations and all my support to this inspiring and incredible  enterprise of yours. As an Argentinean, I know  that these experience will bring mixed feeling of uncertainty and frustration with excitement and hope. Please do not give up!  Organise, occupy, expand, communise, share, learn, love.
I wish you the best of luck. Remember that your are anticipating the future in the present, by going through an amazing experience that is already changing the world!
Warm regards,
Ana Cecilia Dinerstein
University of Bath

Un saludo  solidario con  los trabajadores de viome.  Olli  tin allilegyi  me tus  ergazomenus!  El pueblo unido  jamas  sera  vencido!  Jaime Svart
Please list me as being in solidarity!
Camilo Viveiros
Mi apoyo solidario.
Sergio Tischler, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla.
I do sign the announcement.
Giorgio Agamben
Hola, les escribo desde Puebla, México, solo puedo decir que cosas como estas siembre me motivan a no rendirme y continuar construyendo otras formas de ser y de estar, sin que nos sean impuestas y sin que nos repriman, asi pues, declaro mi mas sincera solidaridad al esfuerzo que están realizando los trabajadores de la fabrica de Viomichaniki Metalleutiki en Tesalónica, Grecia, por que así como la tierra es de quien la trabaja, la fabrica también es y debe ser de quien la trabaja.
Ivonne Duarte Chavez
Puebla, México
Congratulations on taking and running your factory. You will be an inspiration to workers world wide. Please be prepared for an attack by the capitalist class, Stay strong.
Yours in Struggle,
Harold Bell
Transport Workers Union (retired)
Dear Friends at the Vio.Me. Factory,
I am writing to express solidarity and support for your occupation of your factory and your decision to run it democratically. We wish you success in this time of great hardship in Greece!
In peace and solidarity,
Joanne Landy
Co-Director, Campaign for Peace and Democracy, New York City
Hola, unas pocas palabras para apoyar vuestra iniciativa en vuestro nuevo camino de iniciativa de negocio.Felicidades por vuestro posicionamiento en libertad y clase obrera.
El poder para los trabajadores.Mis mejores deseos y saludos cordiales desde España.
As a member of The Swedish Workers Central organisation I am every day amazed with what the workers of Greece can accomplish. Keep on fighting and set an example for what the new world will be.
"We carry a new world here, in our hearts. And that world is growing every minute." 
- Buenaventura Durruti
Gretings from a Swedish fellow worker and syndicalist
Christian Levin
Dear Friends, 
Here, in Mexico, in the city of Puebla, in the Institute of Social Science and Humanities, we are proud of your struggle,  some students we will discuss about your process as a light in this times when capitalism destroys, kills and laugh of our dignity. We know, when they talk about "crisis" a greek word which means, decision, election about a choice, in real they talk about us as their Krisis, we are the krisis of the capitalism when we decide to take the control of our lives. 
With love and hope, 
Julio Broca.
Instituto de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades
Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, México.
Declaración de solidaridad
Saludos fraternos 
Colectivo Biblioteca Autogestiva Espiral, Oaxaca, México
Dear comrades,
I am writing to you to express my deep solidarity and appreciation for your actions to keep the factory working under workers' control. While you are trying to resist, you are also writing history and are inspiring millions of people across the globe. Please don't give up. You give us hope that things can change. 
In solidarity from Albania.
Edlira Xhafa 
Hello Workers of Vio.Me.
As one worker in struggle to others struggling bravely in Greece, I was heartened to hear of your plans to take over and run the factory yourselves!  Worker resistence and struggle which culminates in the means of production ending up fully in hands of the workers is incredibly empowering to all who hear your story!
Wishing you all the best, your in my thoughts as your struggle (and ours) continues!
Sheryl Jarvis
Mother, Advocate, Survivor

What you are doing is inspiring, and I hope it's the beginning of a movement. My prayers are with you. I've sent your story to as many people as I could. 
Doran Hunter
Dear comrades,
I am writing to you to express my deep solidarity and appreciation for your actions to keep the factory working under workers' control. While you are trying to resist, you are also writing history and are inspiring millions of people across the globe. Please don't give up. You give us hope that things can change. 
In solidarity from Albania.
Edlira Xhafa 
Dear colleagues and comrades,
I want to express my support for your efforts. Your actions inspire us all and are a lighthouse seen from all over the world in these dark times of troika dictates, austerity, impoverishment and misery.
In solidarity,
Ingar Solty
York University, Toronto, Canada
North-Atlantic Left Dialogue, Das Argument (editor)
There is one common struggle against those who have appropriated the earth, the money, and the machines.
Chris Kitchen
Hola trabajadores de Vio.Me. y solidarios,
Ya van conociendo seguramente solidaridad de todas partes del mundo y es
importante que no olviden nunca que no están solos ni solas.
Desde Argentina, todo lo que puedo por ahora enviarles es un abrazo
solidario que rompe fronteras y diferencias de idiomas,
y también quiero hacerles llegar un audiovisual que hicimos hace poco
tiempo sobre la autogestión obrera en este sur de América,
se trata de un video de 45 minutos que muestra la lucha de los obreros de
Zanón y Cerámicas del Sur quienes llevan, como ya saben, varios años
produciendo sin patrón,
les dejo el link para que lo vea quien español entiende y vean si merece
la pena un trabajo de traducción y subtitulado para que sea visto por los
obreros en lucha allá en Grecia.
Creo que puede brindar este video un aliento importante por la segura
identificación que generará y para que realmente vean que no están solos y
vuestra lucha es genuina.
link a video:
Estamos en contacto,
Andrés López
You are the winner! We are with you!
OPZZ Nidzica / Komisja Młodych OPZZ Nidzica / ZZ Meblarzy RP Nidzica / PPS Nidzica / K.O.P Nidzica
Dear Friends,
It will be a challenge, but wonderful! Good luck!
Best wishes
Anthony Waterhouse  
Bath, UK
Hey guys!
Maybe you still know us. We have been interviewing and filming you in the summer to make a documentary about your struggle.
We just heard, that you are starting to produce again. So nice to hear that your fight ist going on!
We want to schow our solidarity with you!
All the best, keep fight,
Paul, Luisah, Matija
The latest economic crisis is one more opportunity to build a better, fairer economy - this time from below, without saviours, and in a peaceful manner, it should not be wasted. - Best of luck in your endeavours! We need more of this in every economic sector including in tourism and hospitality.
A. Petropoulos
Dear Comrades,
all my respect goes out to you. You're managing to do something that many would deem not possible. I wish the best of luck to all of you, may you be an example for enslaved workers all over the world that the proletariat can, and must, retain possession of means of production, and by that, retaining possession of his work force, and by that, possession of himself.
Greece is the future in the making. Much like thousands of years ago your beautiful land gave birth to democracy, now something revolutionary is about to be born. Don't lend your ears to listen to what ignorant people around Europe says. You are the best and will always be the best.
Greetings from an italian comrade.
Dear colleagues,
I am glad because of your efforts to take over a factory in self-control, and I express my solidarity and wish you much success with it.
Sincerely yours,
Peter Mundhenk.
Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf;
Hello comrade, 
We salude your struggle. 
It is very inspiring and exciting for us all, to see what you have been doing.
I have checked the website in English and we have shared the news in Turkish.
Now probably it is late for the announcement but we want to declare that we also support the struggle of vio me. And we would like to be a signer as Meydan Gazetesi (newspaper). 
You can write our name, if there is any other declaration like this one.

With communion and solidarity.
Özlem Arkun
Hola a todos!!
Este mensaje es para saludarlos y mandarles fuerzas desde la Región Argentina!!
Dejo esos links por si se necesita de mayor difusión y solidaridad!!
Viva el pueblo productor griego!!! Viva la Anarquía!!!!
Hernán Rios.
Hi mates
I ‘m a woman who had to emigrate from spain to work in ireland with my all familly
the situation of my country is dramatic as yours
i was feeling there was no hope for the future
but after i saw the new of your action in internet this lighted the flame of faith and hope inside me
and you made me cry
because i see another world is possible and the power resides in the hands of the people
i work with greeks also in my company and they say how much they miss their land i will let them know about your action
please spread it around the world this will help another people to do the same and work to build a better place and will show also that the people doesnt need politicians to run the country
big hugs and keep going ahead!!
Edurne Kortajarena
Spain - Ireland
Siendo argentino y habiendo visto lo que pasó en mi país y la experiencia de las fábricas recuperadas por los trabajadores, les deseo lo mejor en este gran paso que están dando!
Otra forma de trabajo es posible!
Being an Argentine and having seen what happened in my country and the experience of factories recovered by the workers, I wish you all the best in this big step you are getting!
Another working way is possible!
Fernando Domínguez
Queridos compañeros y compañeras del Sindicato de Vio. Me.:
Les enviamos un fuerte abrazo solidario y de enorme alegría por la experiencia histórica que están desarrollando con la ocupación y puesta en marcha de la fábrica bajo dirección obrera. Seguimos con todo nuestro corazón toda la inmensa y profunda lucha del heroico pueblo griego contra el capitalismo, su crisis final y las consecuencias nefastas  contra los trabajadores y el pueblo. Solo los objetivos de la lucha anticapitalista, los ejemplos de dualidad de poder como es vuestra lucha demuestran que la única salida a la crisis final del sistema capitalista es la intervención del movimiento obrero y las masas populares con el programa que le dispute el poder y muestre a toda la población el camino que es posible y que los griegos han dado siempre el ejemplo con la inteligencia y la razón.
Un abrazo fraternal infinito con un Hasta pronto ! Hasta la victoria!
Otto Radiccioni y Clara Ugarte   
Voz Posadista- Montevideo – Uruguay
I am happy to sign my name in support of the Greek workers
Moishe Postone
Thomas E. Donnelley Professor of Modern History and the College
University of Chicago
Co-Director, Chicago Center for Contemporary Theory
Wishing you all the best!
Susan Mumpower-Spriggs
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear comrades, werte Genossinnen und Genossen von Vio.Me,

begrüssen Euren Entschluß, Euren Betrieb in Arbeiterselbstverwaltung zu

Wir als Cafe Libertad Kollektiv in Hamburg importieren u.a.
zapatistischen Kaffee aus Chiapas/Mexiko und vertreiben diesen in
Deutschland und Europa seit über 13 Jahren in einem Arbeiter-Kollektiv,
das als Genossenschaft organisiert ist.
Cafe Libertad Kollektiv eG
Dear friends,
we like to sign the call you posted "Occupy, resist, produce!"
On the one hand, our local syndicate:
Unabhängige BasisgewerkschafterInnen
Ludwigshafen-Mannheim (Germany)
and also myself.
In Solidarity,
Torsten Bewernitz
The world is changing, and you are helping to make that happen.  I am currently studying law because I too want to be a voice for justice and equality.  You have my support.  God bless and keep you all.
Matt Bream
Compañeros y compañeras Griegos, hermanos y hermanas de clase! 
Soy militante de izquierda y mi organización ya envió su solidaridad, pero la noticia es tan alentadora y entusiasmante que no puedo evitar hacerles llegar mi saludo personal.  Desde La Zona Sur del Gran Buenos Aires de Argentina les mando un gran afecto y apoyo incondicional a su lucha! La clase obera es una y sin fronteras! Aca tenemos un cantito para saludar a los obreros de la ex-zanon (Fabrica Sin Patrones de Neuquen) cuando se aparecen en algún acto obrero, y dice así: ! Aquí están, Ellos son, Los Obreros sin Patrón! No se si rime igual en griego, pero tienen que saber que estamos con ustedes, codo a codo, son un ejemplo para los trabajadores de Europa y de todo el Mundo! Que viva la clase obrera! 
klasse sache!
nur so kanns langfristig gehen : )
otto, fau nbg
FAU Nürnberg
In solidarity, I send my best wishes for the success of your venture.
Judith Weiss Tayar
I can only admire your tenacity, keep up the good work, hope you succeed.
Very best wishes
Arlette Bataille 
From Vancouver, British Columbia to the workers of Greece.
 Good luck and solidarity.
Nick Johns----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
In the struggles you will surely face, remember that if ALL factories and enterprises were worker owned, worker controlled, with no parasites sitting on top of the capital that is the residue of our work, then most of the suffering of the people of the world would be over.
Roslyn Emporium
Friends, this is fantastic news!
I have donated some money and will tell all my friends in Australia. I am a member of the International Organization for a Participatory Society (IOPS) which is fighting for self-management.
There IS an alternative! Long live workers’ self-management in a totally democratic self-managed society!
In solidarity
Peter Lach-Newinsky
Dear fellow workers,
The Swedish Syndicalist Union, SAC, hereby express support for the
workers at the Vio.Me factory whom have started production under workers control.
In a world where capitalism all the time find new ways of exploiting
workers we must organize, not only to fight capitalism, but also to
replace it. And that is what the workers at the Vio.Me factory are doing.
SAC has taken a fund-raising initiative in support for the workers which we hope can be used in continued struggle.
Smash capitalism where it hurts the most - the workplace.
In solidarity,
International Committee of SAC Sweden
Αγαπητοί συνάδελφοι, σας εύχομαι το καλύτερο της επιτυχίας.
Κουράγιο και αδελφικούς χαιρετισμούς από την Ισπανία
Long life to Vio.Me . You're a living example for the workers worldwide. 
In solidarity
Didier Mainguy Didier Mainguy
Many thanks for setting the example for the rest of working people all across Europe and the rest of the World.
I think the best way to propagate the self-governance of workers is to buy your products, to show everyone the economical strenght of you. Is there a possibility to buy your products in Poland?
Best regards
Kris Spiewla
Solidarity and best wishes from your brothers and sisters at the Lansing Workers Center in Lansing, Michigan, USA! You are an inspiration to us all!
Mike Kolhoff
Dear friends at Thessaloniki's Open Solidarity Initiative,
I rejoice at the initiative you have taken to rewrite your own destiny and in taking an initiative that awakens hopes of a more democratic future for people across the world.
I wish you all the very best and express my support.
I shall be looking forward to learning from your experience and leadership in self management and in attempting to build a more democratic and socially just future. 
In solidarity,
Kapil Bajaj
Dear comrades! 
We, the members of Avtonomna Spilka Trudyashhyh (Aotonomus Worker's Union), express our complete solidarity with your actions. Working class of Greece is making it's first steps for the social revolution, once againg proving, as did the workers of Argentina not so long ago, and before them - the workers of various countries in Europe, that ideas of self-organization and direct democracy live and prosper, finding it's support among people. Your actions light up the rest of the world, inspiring hope for libertarian activists to fight for a better world.
Liberation of the working class - lies in the hands of the working class!
Sincerely yours,
 Avtonomna Spilka Trudyashhyh, from Kyiv, Ukraine.
I wish you all strength and good luck.
Best wishes from Poland,
Mateusz Batelt
I will declare my solidarity with your project of the self-administration of the workers. I am convinced about your idea to produce for yourself without the intension to make profit.
Jens Flöck 
Your brave example is both inspiring and necessary in this time of austerity. You set a high standard for the rest of us to follow!
Thank you!
Sean Reilly Wood

These next few months will be the hardest and most fulfilling of your
lives.  You are practicing true democracy -- workers' democracy.  This
experiment will show to the world once again that workers' control of
the means of production is not just a feasible goal, but a moral one;
not just a practical decision, but a spiritual one.  You are taking
the first steps to ending social alienation, illegitimate hierarchy,
and domination in the workplace and thus paving the way for social
justice in society in general.  As a student who researches historical
examples of workers' control, let me offer some modest advice that
comes just from seeing some general trends:

1) Beware of the State.  The state will realize that if workers' can
take control of production in their own hands, what use is the state?
The State will seek to undermine your self-management efforts.
2) Beware of political parties.  Political parties will try to hijack
your genuine, spontaneous and libertarian movement and use it for
their own, opportunistic ends.  Do not become the means to some
party's ends.  Show the world that workers do not need political
parties to organize themselves industrially.
3) Beware of bureaucratic unions.  The trade unions will try to hijack
your movement and put them under their hierarchical, bureaucratic
control.  Reject this.  Respond by demanding that the trade unions
themselves come under democratic workers' control and truly reflect
the views of their members.
4) Beware of isolation.  United you are unstoppable; isolated you are
weak.  Self-management must spread to the working class as a whole.
Take as much steps to reach out to other factories as possible.

I do not presume to know the particularities of your case, but I hope
these words can be of some use.  You are an example not just to Greek
workers, but workers' of the world.
For Freedom, for Social Justice, for Workers' Control!
Michael Perino
Many of us have been watching and holding demonstrations in Solidarity.
We are beginning to be hit with cuts too.
Stay strong, you are an inspiration!
Love and fire.
For permanent revolution.
David Suttle
Dear comrades, greetings from the Marxists at MARXIST REVIVAL.COM who wish you every success in your take over of the factory. The workers the world over will find inspiration from your actions and we can envisage a new revolutionary period in which workers control and management are substituted for the destruction and chaos of the capitalist system.
Best fraternal wishes
Kenny, Edinburgh.
salud compañeros!
mi nombre es Aran, soy de Toledo-España
ánimo, me ha emocionado mucho vuestra iniciativa
En el periodico de CNT de Marzo haremos una noticia sobre la fabrica
autogestionada de Tesalonika (Aupa!)
Si quereis comentar algo que deba llegar a nuestros lectores hacedlo en
este email
un fuerte abrazo libertario
¡Gracias por la lucha!
Aran y Nines
Global-Periodico CNT
I have come to know of the initiative of the Vio.Me workers, and because I believe that organisation and mobilisation are inevitable avenues out of the crisis, and not only - they are the only avenues out of economic and political exploitation in general - I have decided to trust the information available in your webpage, to trust the mission and intentions you have expressed in your statements, and support you by spreading the news, and donating. 
It is my sincere hope that you will remain true to your vision and mission, that you will uphold fairness and solidarity in your management of the factory, and will not end up pursuing short-sighted personal interests, of which there's always a high risk in these cases.
I will appreciate any information/update that you will be willing and able to send. 
Adela Halo,
Viomichaniki fellow factory Metalleutiki (Vio.Me) in Thessaloniki, Greece:
The welcome from the provinces of Misiones and Cordoba, Argentina and support their efforts to care for the organization of jobs and the most basic rights of the human condition.
For a better life for all and most democratic!
Lic. Alexis Rasftopolo
Córdoba, Argentina
 Euer handeln wird uns Inspiration sein und uns im Kampf ermutigen.Macht weiter! Lange lebe die Internationale Solidaritaet !
Sylvio Hoffmann
Dear Workers, 
I just read an article in "The Nation Now" about your struggles to jump start the company that you worked for, prior to its being closed down in May 2011.
Im just writing to say how impressed I am and that I truly wish I could send financial support to aid in your endeavor, but, honestly I don't have a spare penny to send. . .many of us in America struggle as well.
I wanted you to know that America does know about your Country's struggles and we are saddened, but uplifted by your situation.
Great job and stay strong! Congratulations on what you accomplished thus far!  Wishing you much success!
Best regards and best wishes,
Lyn Murray,
Cottonwood, California, USA
congratulations and praise, you did a great job and fought for their rights, also show others that everything can be labor syllable
Edi Barbalić 
Support from SERBIA for your busuness, for Vio. Me Company!
I will never stop supporting Greek people because you never stopped supporting Serbia.
I wish you luck.
 Best regards,
Danijela Bisenić, Serbia, Belgrade
Chers camarades,
Veuillez trouver ci-joint le communiqué de soutien du Parti de Gauche, membre du Front de Gauche. 
Vous en souhaitant bonne réception.
Avec notre solidarité totale.
François Longérinas
Secrétaire national du Parti de Gauche
We have heared about your actions and the organisation of your factory.
We hope all went well, in this difficult times....
We try in the Netherlands to form groups, where we speak about the world situation
and all the ways to reform things and to search for alternatives...
So we are glad that there are groups like your group,
to build up a new world and new forms of working together...!
Much courage and success,
The alertgroups in Den Haag, Zeist and Appelscha in Holland
Greetings Partisans of Workers' Control from Berkeley, California
In solidarity and with best wishes I salute your occupation!
May all of Greece be inspired by the path you have taken. 
May all of Europe!
Bernard Marszalek

Popieram pracowników fabryki w ich staraniach i życzę powodzenia w tworzeniu nowej jakości w życiu społeczeństw Europy.

 Stanisław Jan Falkowski
  geia sa suntrofoi!
dilwnoume tin allileggui mas kai tin upostirixi mas ston agona sas!
FAU-Frankfurt (Freie Arbeiter Union - anarchosyndikalistes)

Your struggle inspires us and many across the Arab world.
We will continue to follow your efforts and share information
Good luck! Respect and solidarity!

 Dear friends, 
I believe that what you are doing is extremely important and I hope it will be the beginning of a wider movement.
All the best for your project!
Laura Iacuzio
 Hello dear Workers from Vio.Me,
I'm writing on behalf of the Freie Arbeiter und Arbeiterinnen Union -
Nürnberg (FAU Nürnberg). We are a small anarchosyndicalist union from
germany and are happy about you producing in an occupied factory. Taking
control over (abbandoned) factories and to practise better ways to produce
goods is the right step to take!
We wish you much luck, solidarity and success in your project.
in solidarity
FAU Nürnberg

 Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I send a sincere message of solidarity and support to all those involved in this struggle. I have many dear friends living in Greece and understand how on a daily basis life is a struggle.
I hope you are successful in your campaign.
 Yours sincerely,
Alan Royston

 hi,  just a brief message in solidarity with your initiative of tacking collective reappropriation of your work tool, wish you all good luck,
may your project for Vio.Me. be an example in Thessaloniki, as in all greece, as all over the world, and long live workers solidarity !
my best class regards,
from france.

Scrivo queste poche righe dopo aver letto l'articolo  su :
Puo' sembrare che la difficile situazione che state vivendo passi inosservata , non per indifferenza, non per mancanza di carita' ma bensi'  per le tv e i giornali che stanno offuscando la crisi della grecia.
Non un articolo in tv o sui giornali come se non stesse accadendo niente, solo in internet ho trovato qualche video di protesta , scioperi , scontri  che ho condiviso con i miei amici e segnalato ai politici .
Io sono iscritto al movimento 5 stelle di peppe grillo in questi giorni parlero' con i miei amici cercando piccoli aiuti economici nelle nostre possibilita'.
Solo l'unita' dei popoli ed il reciproco aiuto permettera' di ritornare liberi dallo schiavismo economico in cui l'unione europea ci sta portando.
Buona fortuna e NON MOLLATE!

Guido Italia
Now that the bosses are gone and you have the control over the production, go ahead, have no fear.
I follow you with a lot of intense hope!
Best wishes from Spain!

 Hi! I just sent you a small donation. Hope it helps. Know that you have the support and solidarity from a lot of people around the world. You are an example, keep up the good work and keep fighting!!
Biscay, Basque Country, Spain ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 Desde madrid os envio un abrazo solidario y mucho animo!!
Dear workers,
Unite! You are the only ones who can pull Greece out of the abyss that engulfs you and many other nations. You lead the way.
If the employers will not produce because there is no billions of profit to be made, then you must produce in order to provide your countrymen and women with the hope of a future worth living.
In solidarity and eternal friendship.
Your admiring supporter,
Darryl Ephraums
Melbourne, Australia
Keep it up, Sisters and Brothers! There are many who support you.
In fraternal solidarity,                  
Don McKelvey 
Ohio, USA
dear friends,
may your vision, fearlessness and passion lead the struggle against global corporatism, which is powerless against us, the 'sleeping giant', as soon as we understand our own strength and power.
so let vio-me be our wake-up call and let the fight commence.
in respect and solidarity,
auke bakker, 
I have been following VioMe's fight lately after it was shared to me by a Greek friend, and I want to express my solidarity.
First, congratulations for your success so far in the struggle.
I am a student/worker in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and am very amazed by what you have done. As you may know there have been many manifestations here in the past year over rights to education. We too experience a very high level of corruption and a poor economic situation compared to the rest of Canada and there are many collectives and cooperatives building in Montreal - but I think people still cannot see the potential for collective ownership in factories as is the case in Thessonaliki. And, in Canada, many people are still reluctant to accept that capitalism has been a failed economic model and we need large-scale change.
 I spent a few weeks in Thessonaliki a few years ago and was very inspired by the people I met there and the kind of activism and revolutionary spirit of the people who at the time were very fed up with the economic and political situation. I will try to give as much as I can and continue to spread information in my networks about VioMe.
Thank you for being a source of hope and showing the possibilities of social change. I wish you luck in your coming months of production.
Megan Cohoe
Montreal, Quebec, Canada