"Not a word back, not a decibel" - Solidarity with the struggling artists

We are under a huge attack by capitalism and the supposed "democracy" we have to serve it. It is an attack towards us in the workplace, towards students and now even towards Art.

In our country, the authority began leaving artists at the mercy of their unemployment. With all the shops closed, they preferred to give the money to cops, the media and big companies (Aegean, Toll Contractors), instead of giving an allowance to all Art workers, so that they could survive. After all, what to expect from a government that seeks its clientele in the churches, instead of the theater.

But they did not stop there. They went on to try to pass a law that would also control Art, prosecuting anyone they considered a threat. If we do not resist, the terror in Art - with one form of the Law or another - will be a fact. And this becomes even more shivering, considering that even more weapons are given to the (Anti) Terrorist Service that imprisoned Irianna and Theofilou, “cooking” everything as only they know.

However, the effort to silence all those who resist, is not something that’s happening only in Greece, but it extends to other countries.

In Spain, an artist, the Catalan communist Pablo Hasel, is in prison for committing the "crime" of insulting the king. It could be 1920s news but it just happened this February. In the 21st century there are still kings, elsewhere with a crown and elsewhere without, and when you really challenge them, they hide behind the supposed democracy and persecute you. The Spanish state against Hasel has the support of all the powerful, inside and outside the borders. Either actively or with their guilty silence. The king, the social democratic government, the European Union, Franco's descendants.

We, in Greece, Turkey, Catalonia, all we have is us - International Solidarity

As workers of SE VIOME, we feel the obligation to write about the workers in Art. Because all these years hundreds have come to our factory to show their solidarity and put their musical staff as a shield against repression.

The workers of the occupied VIOME factory send their solidarity to Pablo Hasel and to all the artists who are fighting against the kings, whether they have thrones or large companies.


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