Liquid Soap With Laurel Oil & Nettle Extract - How To Use

The laurel oil liquid soap, intended for washing the hair, is a natural product based on pure vegetable oils’ soap. Conventional shampoos are based on synthetic surfactants, and most contain additives such as silicone, waxes, which "cover" the hair and give it a soft feel.

For this reason, when switching from a shampoo to a liquid soap, your hair will probably need some time to adjust, usually 2-4 weeks. You will notice that after the first baths, the hair may feel greasier than usual and in the following weeks it will be drier. For some people it is possible that the hair will not go through these stages and will adapt immediately to the product, but for most it will take a while, until the hairs get used to it. After the transition stage you will see that your hair will be shinier and softer than ever.

It is normally used alone, without any other shampoo/mask, as a liquid soap for washing hair. It does not create the foam volume of conventional shampoos, and it needs enough water to efficiently spread the product on the scalp. It is intended for the hair because laurel oil and nettle have beneficial properties for them, but since it is a liquid soap, it can be used to clean all parts of his / her body safely.

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